About Us

The Quickie Store is an Internet website that promote safe sex by selling condoms on the Internet since 2018. Our mission is to promote the sense of safe sex; to provide an accessible & useful information source about condoms and to offer a secure, convenient, and efficient channel of selling condoms. As you know, reading information on the box of condom in a retail store could be embarrassing. Yet, some people, especially teenagers, might hesitate to buy condom in retail stores. Thus our website is an excellent channel for customers to make purchase.

We understand our customers. We know that you want to be discreet when purchasing from us. Therefore, you will see “THE QUICKIE STORE” in your credit card billing; there will be no “CONDOM” keyword in the parcel of your order and most importantly, your personal data will never be abused! All your personal information including your address, phone and email will only be used to fulfill the order. We will never sell your personal data. We are able to made good profit in running this website and the profit comes from your purchase, the income of banner ad fee from our advertisers and various sponsors from our suppliers. So we will never make money in a nasty way!